MARBERO M82 88WH portable power station

MARBERO M82 88Wh Portable Power Station Review

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The MARBERO M82 portable power station is a popular choice among consumers due to its compact size and affordable price. Weighing only a few pounds and measuring approximately 6 by 4 by 3 inches, this device is surprisingly small yet powerful. It is an ideal solution for recharging your phone or laptop computer in remote locations or during power outages.

How small is the MARBERO M82 power station?

The power station’s precise measurements are 6.5 x 4.6 x 3.1 inches, with a weight of 2.3 pounds. This compact size contributes significantly to its current popularity. However, it is important to note that the MARBERO M82 has a limited capacity of 88Wh, restricting its ability to power devices consuming more than 80 watts.

There is actually a slightly smaller MARBERO portable power station available, which has an 83Wh battery capacity. This 83Wh portable power station can still power devices that use less than 80 watts, even though it has only five power outputs that I can see. The outputs are two USB-C PD 3.0 ports, two QC 3.0 USB ports, and one AC output. Unlike the 88Wh model, the 83Wh model does not have a DC power output port. Instead, it has a DC input port, so you can charge it in your vehicle with a 12V DC charging adapter. You can also charge it with a wall outlet adapter or with a solar panel. Similar to the MARBERO M82 model, the 83Wh unit also has an LED light with multiple levels of brightness and an SOS flashing mode (view this 83Wh model on Amazon).

MARBERO 83Wh color green
MARBERO 83Wh Portable Power Station

How many outputs does the MARBERO M82 have?

Let me just do a quick check of the output ports: I count eight output ports. There are two AC output ports: one with two poles and one with three poles. Of course, the AC output is very limited and supports only gadgets that do not draw more than 80 watts while running. Unsurprisingly, for such a small portable power station, most of the outputs are USB type plugs. There are two 5-volt USB-A ports, and two 18-watt QC 3.0 USB-A ports. In addition, I am glad to see that it has one USB-C PD port. The last port is the 5.5 mm DC output port.

Thus, it has enough ports for charging or powering a variety of devices such as tablets, phones, cameras and LED lights. Speaking of lights, the MARBERO M82 portable power station has a built-in LED flashlight. You can change its brightness and flashlight mode by pressing the button repeatedly. It has three levels of brightness and a flashing SOS mode.

How do you recharge this MARBERO portable power station?

It seems that you have two choices when it comes to recharging this 88Wh portable power station.

First, you can plug the included AC adapter into an AC wall outlet and recharge the battery pack in about 5 hours.

Second, you can recharge it with a MARBERO 15V-24V solar panel. In that case, you will have to buy the MARBERO solar panel separately, seeing as it is obviously not included in the box with the power station.

However, I have seen this MARBERO 88Wh power station bundled together with a solar panel kit, so you can go the solar way if you want to, no problem. The kit includes a foldable 30-watt solar panel. Of course, it will take many hours of sunlight to recharge the battery pack completely. The unit has a very simple LED battery level indicator, shaped like a battery, that indicates the battery level or charging status.

Are there other models available that have more capacity?

I have recently seen that there are newer models available that have more than just an 88Wh battery capacity. I will briefly discuss these new models below.

The MARBERO M82 MAX model has a slightly larger 111Wh capacity, even though its AC power output is still only 80 watts, with a peak of 120 watts. The rest of the specifications are the same as the M82 model.

Next in line is the MARBERO M168 model, which has a 167Wh capacity, and a 100W AC power output. For some reason, it seems like it weighs more than the other models, even though it does not have the largest battery capacity.

Last but not the least are the M822 and M822 MAX models, which have battery capacities of 148Wh and 176Wh respectively. These models have a 200-watt AC power output, and they weigh just over three pounds each. These models are also slightly larger than the other models.

This Is A Very Portable Power Station

As discussed, this compact power station is very portable and easy to carry. It is just the right size for taking along on outdoor adventures, even though you might also use it at home during short power cuts. It will easily fit into a camping bag or backpack.

The two 110-volt, 80-watt AC outlets can provide power to small gadgets, even though an 88Wh capacity is much too small for most appliances, except maybe a mini fridge or a small USB electric fan. Nevertheless, it should work well for charging electronic gadgets such as phones and tablets. It has enough USB ports for those types of gadgets.

The MARBERO M82 is a portable power station with a built-in flashlight. The LED flashlight should be useful in certain situations, such as camping outside or unexpected power cuts at night. It works well as an emergency light, seeing as it is small enough to carry around and leave on top of a table.

The MARBERO M82 Has Limited Battery Capacity

I think that the MARBERO M82 has a lithium-ion battery that seems to last long enough if you are only using it for powering small electronic devices. However, 88Wh is not going to last long when you have more than one device plugged into it. Therefore, the 88Wh battery capacity might be a little too small for powering multiple devices at the same time.


It appears that the marketing materials for the MARBERO M82 may have been overly optimistic. While this portable power station is suitable for recharging smartphones and tablets, it may not be sufficient for powering larger devices. With only an 88Wh battery capacity, it may not be the best choice for extended power outages or long camping trips. Therefore, it is important to manage expectations when considering this 88Wh portable power station. However, if you only require power for small devices during brief camping trips or power outages, it may still be a viable option (check price on Amazon).